Orlin Sergeev

Orlin Sergeev

I have been experimenting in improvisation and composition in various musical styles.
I have more than 500 performances in clubs, restaurants and piano-bars, I have played on formal dinners given for the wives of the King of Denmark and Sweden, for world-famous film stars, designers, politicians and etc. I have also been invited to play at their birthday parties.

On 15 occasions I was a guest in “On the music waves“ – a TV show of the Bulgarian National Television. I have often been invited to play at cocktail parties for the promotion of new CD products. I have also had small parts in some films and TV advertisements.

I have performed solo recitals many times, and also played with bands and solo artists as well.
I have composed the music for a new film in a French – Arabic co-production.
I have a rich repertiore, which includes pieces in most popular music styles like Jazz, Ethno music, Film music, Latino, Evergreens, Classical, etc.

Few of my last exhibitions have been in:
Germany / Kempinski Grand Hotel Heiligendamm
Canarian Islands / Tenerife / Las Madrigueras
Canarian Islands / La Gomera / Jardin Tecina
Ship experience ...

TV interview with Orlin Sergeev:
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